Monday, September 14, 2015

Free-Verse Poem

Holiday in South Africa

Aeroplane Flights, Stinging Eyes,
Bad Food 24/7, Motion Sickness,
Movies, T.V Shows, Tablets,
Phones, Activity Books

Bacon, Eggs, Oats
ProNutro, Fresh Fruit for Breakfast
Bultong, Koeksisters 
Wimpy, Spurs

Cable rides,  Water Slides
Aquariums, Water Parks
Pictures with Dolphins
Dolphin Shows, Swimming at the Beach

Meeting Family Members, There are lots
Family Lunch then Swimming
Talking and Chatting 
I Love My Family 

By Lindsay McLean

Thursday, July 30, 2015

List Poem

What Cats Do
Sleep (On your Bed) All Day 
Chase Toys
Jump at the Mirror
Sit in front of the Fire
Get wet
Sit in front of the heater
Goes to the toilet outside
Drinks water (sometimes from the tap)
Get Dirty
Gives us Kisses
Sit on your lap.            

                                    My Cat 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Up at the Farm in Hastings.

Up at the Farm in Hastings

Dear Readers,

This is a Fortunately/Unfortunately Story.

I'm in the car waiting to leave so we can go pick Amy up from Easter Camp.

Fortunately once we pick up Amy we go to the farm up in Hastings.

Unfortunately the car ride takes four-five hours.

Fortunately it's a lot of fun, plus I bought my pack of UNO cards.

Unfortunately when we have an hour to go we stop for food, I'm feeling sick but then I have a delicious hot dog covered in batter on a stick.

Fortunately we got to walk around and my sickness went away and I got the rest of my brother's choc chip cookie that he didn't want.

Unfortunately my brother was being annoying, once we got back in the car.

Fortunately it only took an hour to get there.

Unfortunately when we see it we say " We're here. Nope. Wrong house."

That happens three times.

And unfortunately you know what?

We fall for it


P.S My brother and I got to share a bunk bed.

( I was on the bottom and he was on the top).

                       It was a LOT of FUN!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Teapot Valley Camp 2015

                                                              Tuesday 10th March 2015
                                                                              Day 2
                                                                                                                                                     Tonight was the Burma Trail and I feel lucky because it was really scary. I did the Burma Trail but nobody jumped out at us, or played Chucky music or jumped at us with a mask on and a stick in their hand. While we were playing card games we could hear kids screaming. 

It sounded like kids screaming from a movie.

When my fellow Camp mates walked through the door I would stand up because I thought it would be my Best Friend Kelly. And then the one time I don't stand up Kelly walks through the door, but when I see her then I stand up. 

She walks through the the door and 10 million tears and on her cheeks and are coming out of her eyes. She looks traumatised. I said as soon as I saw her : " Are you okay ", she wasn't . She sat there for five minutes and I said " Do you need a hug " she just sat there so I got up and Hugged her for about a minute.

When we went to bed Mrs Powell let us sleep on the floor (well on mattress) because if you are scared like Kelly was and if you're under a bunk you feel like the bunk is falling on top of you or you are falling off the top bunk.

So Kelly,Emma S-C, Sarah B and I slept on the floor. (Emma was on the floor too because Emma and Kelly were the only two in our cabin who did the Burma Trail.

Kelly and I slept like a log. 

That was the best sleep I had at camp.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Amy (my big sister!)

(My big sister.)

Amy is a kind loving big sister. She love her big shiny wooden gutair. Amy plays it at night-time it's nice to fall asleep to sometimes. Amy loves everyone : Mum, Dad, Scott my little brother and Me,Lindsay also her ginger cat Leo he is so fluffy his fur fells like a blanket. Her favourite colour is blue. She helps me with the dishes, maths and the speech competition. I want her her to become a rich and famous actress kind of like Marilyn Monroe because I want Amy to have a great future and be in popular movies and hopefully die of old age but I'm not going to think about that for a long time plus she has Marilyn Monroe pictures on her wall and she's got lots of Awards and Medals. Her favourite animal is a cat. And I don't want her to die from a drug overdose like Marilyn Monroe. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cross Country.

Cross Country!!!

Great Job Everybody at the Cross Country. Too bad I didn't go, I had a sore throat and a head cold. Good Luck to the people who are going to Battle Hill tomorrow, hope you do great.